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2 x 1 DVD
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2 x 1 Box Cover Art.
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List Price: $39.95

Item #: 304667D1IC

Starring: Japanese Animation

Category: Adult Anime

Run Time: 100 min.

Released: 7/9/2004

Studio: Adult Source Media

Number of Discs: 1

Description: "The teacher asks Akiyama, a geeky, bespectacled boy, and Ieda, a popular jock, to visit Noriko's house because she's been absent from school for some time. Akiyama and Ieda find Noriko, a pretty girl, alone at home. They assume Noriko hasn't come to school because she has a bad cold, but to their surprise, it turns out that she has another type of illness -- she can't stop thinking about sex. Before Akiyama and Ieda realize what's happening, Noriko demands that they have threesome. This intimate act bonds them as friends.Encouraged by Akiyama and Ieda, Noriko comes back to school the following week. She enjoys being back and participating in group activities. On the way back home from school, Ieda invites Noriko to his house, where Noriko is introduced to Miyuki, Ieda's sister. Alone in Ieda's room, Noriko asks that Ieda make love to her again. Miyuki, who's very attached to Ieda, hears them having sex.Meanwhile, Akiyama is tormented. He can't get over the sex he had with Noriko. Masturbating, he pictures her in his mind. When Ieda has to go to a school athletic event, Noriko asks Akiyama to go home with her. Akiyama admits that he's a loner and doesn't like to talk much, and to his surprise, Noriko says she's the same type of person. They end up having sex at Noriko's place. Akiyama wonders what this all means. Isn't she in love with Ieda? But Noriko tells him that she cares about him just as much as she does Ieda. The story ends as Noriko suggests doing the threesome again."

2 x 1
2 x 1

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