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Amateurs Wanted 5 DVD
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Amateurs Wanted 5 Box Cover Art.
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List Price: $39.95

Item #: 3032285D5IC

Starring: Madison (L), Imira (L), Rachel (L), Blu (L), Lena (L), Selma (L), Rox (L)

Category: Amateur Sex

Released: 11/3/2015

Studio: Net Video Girls

Number of Discs: 1

Description: "We're back again with another batch of women so desperate to be famous that they'll do and believe absolutely anything just to be famous! It's shocking (and so wonderful) just how many gullible girls there are that believe us when we tell them if they want the part, it starts with them getting naked! And once the clothes are gone, we have them completely!"

Amateurs Wanted 5
Amateurs Wanted 5

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Amateurs Wanted 5

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