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Kiss Porn Star

Porn Star Kiss

Kiss Slide Show
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No, it's not an aging rocker wearing face paint! Porn Star Kiss is a luscious British product who came to the States determined to stake a claim for herself in the world of American porn. Born in Birmingham, England on June 20, 1970, Kiss moved to the U.S. with occasional co-star Kris Newz and almost immediately made a splash. Kiss has a soft, full body with pillowy breasts, long blonde hair, a wide backside and a truly nasty glint in her eye.

Kiss made her hardcore debut in 1992's 'Radical Affairs Video Magazine 3,' and it wasn't long before she was one of the busiest ladies in the business. Her on-screen performances always sizzle, as she's got a wanton go-getter attitude and a body that can wring the last ounce of passion out of anyone. Some of her best work can be found in 'Sodomania 16: Sexxy Pistols' and 'From Brazil With Love,' videos that let her wild side loose to play. She rarely lands a starring role, but does take the lead in 1993's 'Kiss Is A Rebel With A Cause,' where she proves to be more than up to the task of carrying a feature. Kiss is equally feverish whether matched up with men or women, and is at her lusty best whether taking command of another female star or being pounded by a top male stud. She's willing to do it all on camera, and her total lack of inhibition sets her apart from many of her British mates. Kiss is an instant turn-on and a real fan favorite.

Q&A from Kiss:

How old were you when you had your first orgasm?
I was playing with myself by the time I was 12. Someone I knew, an older guy had asked me if I'd ever had one, I lied and said yes. After that I was curious and started to masturbate. The first orgasm with another person, I was 17. It was a girl.

At what age did you lose your virginity?
It was just before my 15th birthday, it was kind of mechanical though and I didn't really enjoy it! He was 16. He fell in love. I remember thinking is that it? And I ran immediately afterwards to look in the mirror to see if I looked different. I didn't.

What's your favorite position?
Doggy-style! But it's different with everyone, I just kind of let things happen naturally when it comes to sex!

Are you bisexual?
I've had sex with both. I've been with more men than women. I think I'm just sexual.

Do you swallow?
Absolutely, especially when my partner eats celery and pineapple it just tastes so sweet like vanilla pudding... mmmmh. But I also love seeing it and the feeling of it squirting on my body. All hot and sticky.

Where is the most bizarre place you've had sex?
I've really had sex most places, everywhere, public restrooms, trains buses, airplanes in changing rooms in clothes stores. You really could name it and I probably have! I even masturbated in front of a room full of people, while live on public access TV and Web camera being viewed in over 15 countries. I've always been an exhibitionist, I appeared on Page 3 for National Newspapers 'The Sport' and it's Sister 'The Sunday Sport', I was featured in a column entitled 'Flash Hour'. Readers of the paper would send in their Ideas and choose the place where I would flash my boobs, one reader suggested I flash inside Victoria Station London, during rush hour - let me tell u at 8 o'clock in the morning that place is packed. I took "The Sport" cameras and in the middle of all those people. I flashed my assets. Made quite a name for myself I tell ya.

Had you had real orgasms on camera?
Yes I really wouldn't bother otherwise. I mean we all can achieve orgasm it just takes experimentation, and communication. But don't take my word for it. You go see for yourself. Haven't you seen any of my movies, yet? BUY KISS MOVIES NOW.

Can you orgasm from penetration only?
No, I have many orgasms. From oral, playing with my shower head, buzzing back massagers, Jacuzzi jets, water hoses… too! All orgasms feel different, I suppose it depends how you're breathing at the time of achieving it. I love them all, hard and powerful ones, slow intense ones. If I'm being penetrated I play with my clit, that's why Doggy is such a great position for me. If I throw my bum up in the air, then I can easily stimulate myself. I have some intense orgasms, like that.

When you go on the road, to dance for your fans, do you ever get turned on and why?
Yes, people looking at me, I like to look right back into their eyes, and stare. I love how it feels - to turn people on and be turned on. Its empowering….

On women, what kind of nipples do you like?
All kinds, big ones, and small ones they all beautiful in there own way and I adore playing with men's nipples too.

On a penis what's more important, length or width?
Probably width.

Do you like to masturbate?
I love to masturbate.

How do you masturbate?
Different ways, I try everything. Fingers, toys, water. It kind of depends on how much time I've got.

How often do you masturbate?
3 or four times a week at least. I usually come 6 or 7 times.

What do you fantasize about while you masturbate?
My husband Lucky starr, he's an Adult actor also. I fantasize about his beautiful big rock hard cock and pushing his head into other little girls pussies, while I suck on it. Or sometimes I fantasize about multiple people kissing me, touching and licking my body. Sometimes I think about people whom I'll never be able to have sex with. It varies, if I've just met someone, I might think of him or her. I like to fantasize about the forbidden. That's why fantasy is so great, they are not necessarily supposed to become any thing other that that -a fantasy!

Do you use sex toys?
Yes I have a favorite toy, it's a glass dildo, and it's called the observer, you can see right through it and into the pussy. Its rock hard and my pussy grips its as I climax. You will be able to order this product and more from my website later in the year. It feels great, believe me.
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Asian Girls and Black Cocks 4 (2003) DVD $14.94 Asian Girls and Black Cocks 4 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Asshole Casserole (2007) DVD $12.94 Asshole Casserole Box Art. Excalibur Films

Baby's Got Rack (2007) DVD $12.94 Baby's Got Rack Box Art. Excalibur Films

Big Bust Babes 11 (1992) DVD $7.94 Big Bust Babes 11 Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   TRL

Big Butt Models for Hire 2 (1999) DVD $18.94 Big Butt Models for Hire 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Butt Bongo Babes (2000) DVD $11.94 Butt Bongo Babes Box Art. Excalibur Films

Cheerleader Nurses (1993) DVD $8.94 Cheerleader Nurses Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW  GLY  TRL

Cock Stops Here (2005) DVD $12.94 Cock Stops Here Box Art. Excalibur Films

Copulation Control (2007) DVD $18.94 Copulation Control Box Art. Excalibur Films

Ebony Vixens 4 (2018) DVD $16.94 Ebony Vixens 4 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Face Dance (1992) DVD $25.94 Face Dance Box Art. Excalibur Films

Face Dance 2 (1992) DVD $25.94 Face Dance 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

Flying High 2 (1992) DVD $7.94 Flying High 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   TRL

Foolish Pleasure (2007) DVD $14.94 Foolish Pleasure Box Art. Excalibur Films

Hot Horny Housewives 6 (2010) DVD $18.94 Hot Horny Housewives 6 Box Art. Excalibur Films

MILF Sensation (2010) DVD $16.94 MILF Sensation Box Art. Excalibur Films

Moms Into Young Chicks (2010) DVD $11.94 Moms Into Young Chicks Box Art. Excalibur Films

My Wife Likes It Black 11 (2005) DVD $18.94 My Wife Likes It Black 11 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Obsexxed (1992) DVD $11.94 Obsexxed Box Art. Excalibur Films

Plump Pregnant Pussy (2013) DVD $17.94 Plump Pregnant Pussy Box Art. Excalibur Films

Puritan Video Magazine 10 (1999) DVD $14.94 Puritan Video Magazine 10 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Pussy Called Wanda 2 (1993) DVD $7.94 Pussy Called Wanda 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Strapon Submission 2 (2013) DVD $18.94 Strapon Submission 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Tales From The Dykeside (2005) DVD $18.94 Tales From The Dykeside Box Art. Excalibur Films

Things We Do For Money (2001) DVD $10.94 Things We Do For Money Box Art. Excalibur Films

Ultimate Strap-On Super Slam (1999) DVD $11.94 Ultimate Strap-On Super Slam Box Art. Excalibur Films

Violation of Brianna Lee (1997) DVD $22.94 Violation of Brianna Lee Box Art. Excalibur Films

Violation of Brooke Ashley (1997) DVD $22.94 Violation of Brooke Ashley Box Art. Excalibur Films

Violation of Jill Kelly DVD $22.94 Violation of Jill Kelly Box Art. Excalibur Films

Violation of Juliette (2004) DVD $22.94 Violation of Juliette Box Art. Excalibur Films

Whispers (1992) DVD $7.94 Whispers Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   TRL

Xplicit Very Pink Pussy (2003) DVD $8.94 Xplicit Very Pink Pussy Box Art. Excalibur Films

Excalibur Films
Excalibur Films
Ebony Vixens 4
Ebony Vixens 4
Excalibur Films

June 20, 1970

Age: 48


Birth Location:


5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm)

114 lbs (52 kg)

Hair Color:


Known Alias:
Tamara Wild, Keke Kaner

Excalibur Films
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