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Screaming O


Athena Star Porn Star

Porn Star Athena Star

One look at this saucy strumpet will have one word popping into your head: 80's! Porn Star Athena Star sported a prototypical 80's appearance, from her over-madeup face to her messy, windblown hairstyle. The passion Athena Star brought to the screen never goes out of fashion, though, making her performances as alluring today as they day they were shot.

Athena Star was a strawberry blonde hardbody with a tight, petite figure topped by a set of perky little breasts. Her lean, athletic body could often be found contorted into the wildest positions and she really seemed to be at her best when playing a more compliant, demure role. Athena Star wasn't the kind of porn starlet who could take over a scene. Rather, she liked to wait for the action to come to her as she slowly built up a lusty head of steam.

Athena Star broke into porn in 1983, sizzling her way through scads of steamy low-budget video grinders over the next few years. Among her best performances are her amorous, enthusiastic turn as a maid-to-be who gets ravaged by Blake Palmer in 1985's 'Blacks Have More Fun' and her fiery threeway workout with a pair of piston-pumping studs in the unsung scorcher 'Glitter.' Athena Star showed an off-beat and nasty side by appearing in one of the first pregnancy-themed sexvids, 'The Pregnant Babysitter.' She turned in a very heated and very pregnant lesbian romp with Summer Rose in that one, demonstrating that her lust wasn't restricted to just men.

Athena Star left the business in 1986 after appearing in just over 40 achingly erotic features.

DVD Movies Starring Athena Star:    

List   Alpha   Release Date

Cal Jammer and Friends (2011) DVD $21.94 Cal Jammer and Friends Box Art. Excalibur Films

Classic Black Beauties 4 Pack 2 (2006) DVD $23.94 Classic Black Beauties 4 Pack 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Cum Shot Revue 2 DVD $7.94 Cum Shot Revue 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   RVW  TRL

Deep Throat Girls DVD $7.94 Deep Throat Girls Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   TRL

Glitter (2004) DVD $12.94 Glitter Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

Hershel Savage and Friends (2010) DVD $21.94 Hershel Savage and Friends Box Art. Excalibur Films

Hot Cars Nasty Women (1986) DVD $18.94 Hot Cars Nasty Women Box Art. Excalibur Films

Hot Shorts Athena Star (2007) DVD $18.94 Hot Shorts Athena Star Box Art. Excalibur Films

I Never Say No (1983) DVD $7.94 I Never Say No Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   TRL

Lacy Affair 3 (1989) DVD $10.94 Lacy Affair 3 Box Art. Excalibur Films

License to Thrill (1985) DVD $12.94 License to Thrill Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

More Chocolate Candy (2007) DVD $12.94 More Chocolate Candy Box Art. Excalibur Films

My First Porno (2004) DVD $18.94 My First Porno Box Art. Excalibur Films

Private School Girl (2004) DVD $12.94 Private School Girl Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

Radio K-Kum (1984) DVD $7.94 Radio K-Kum Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   RVW  TRL

Rear Entry (1984) DVD $18.94 Rear Entry Box Art. Excalibur Films

Salt and Pepper DVD $23.94 Salt and Pepper Box Art. Excalibur Films

Slumber Party (1984) DVD $7.94 Slumber Party Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   TRL

Sorority Sluts 4 (1996) DVD $18.94 Sorority Sluts 4 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Triple-X Confidential 4 (1983) DVD $7.94 Triple-X Confidential 4 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Voyeur's Delight DVD $12.94 Voyeur's Delight Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW  TRL

Wings of Passion (1984) DVD $7.94 Wings of Passion Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   TRL

With Love from Ginger (1986) DVD $7.94 With Love from Ginger Box Art. Excalibur Films

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Athena Star
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Cal Jammer and Friends
Cal Jammer...
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Hair Color:
Strawberry Blonde


Known Alias:
Robin Marina

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