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Marylin Star Porn Star

Porn Star Marylin Star

Excalibur Films
Excalibur Films

Porn Star Marylin Star is a delightfully nasty little strawberry blonde who won herself a place as a true fan fave with only a smattering of hardcore work to her name. She's just such a sexy and gorgeous creature that people couldn't resist. Marylin Star rewarded fans' early faith by becoming one of the most dependably exciting women in all of porn throughout the late 90s. She may only stand 4'11" tall, but Marylin Star packed a 34C-24-31 wallop into those scant 100 pounds. Simply put, Marylin Star was one of the most striking blonde starlets of her era. And her off-screen dalliances with high-powered Wall Street types have inadvertently made her one of the most notorious starlets around, as well.

Born and raised in Canada, Marylin Star came to the U.S. to pursue her exotic dance career in the mid-90s. It was while touring the States that Marylin Star decided to give porno a shot. She always has considered herself an exhibitionist, so getting into hardcore seemed the next logical step on her personal sexual growth chart.

Marylin Star first brought her spunky and energetic sexuality to the screen in 1995. From the get-go she was going and getting it in the nastiest and hottest ways imaginable. Marylin Star's luscious lesbian love romp with Felecia in 'Star Attraction' is one of the most popular girl/girl pairings of its time. Another highlight of this sexy strumpet's carnal career was 'The Seduction of Marylin Star,' where she took on Shelby Stevens and Peter North in a pair of scenes that showcased her versatile and athletic way around a bedroom. Marylin Star had a nasty side that was brought out whenever she was paired up with a stud or starlet that she really respected -- she gave the scene a little something extra in return.

Marylin Star made a splash in the national media at the end of 1999, when she was implicated in an insider trading scandal that sent shockwaves through Wall Street. Marylin Star, under her real name of Marylin Star,was indicted in December along with former boyfriend James McDermott, the ex-CEO of the investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. Federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission said McDermott passed inside information on upcoming bank mergers to Star, who then used the tips to make $88,000 in the stock market. Marylin Star allegedly then passed on the inside info to another lover, New Jersey businessman Anthony Pomponio.

For those of you who would like to read the actual legal documents and sealed complaint filed on behalf of this Sex & Stock affair: Criminal Complaint Against Marylin Star, etc.

Even as McDermott and Pomponio began to fight the charges, Marylin Star hit the road and headed back to her native Canada. She hid out in the Vancouver penthouse of still another wealthy male benefactor, stockbroker Michael Gilley, while loudly proclaiming her innocence in a series of missives to the media and her fans. Marylin Star eventually turned herself over to authorities and was freed on a $300,000 bond.

In spring, 2000, Marylin Star and Gilley were married. The couple was living in Vancouver together until October 13, 2000, when Gilley filed for divorce. The announcement came on the heels of a September 15 disagreement in which Gilley allegedly tossed Marylin out of the house. She'd come home late from a trek to Starbucks to find many of her things had been thrown off the balcony. Gilley angrily demanded his wedding ring back, which Marylin Star refused. A struggle ensued, and by the time it was all over, Gilley had wrestled the ring off of her finger and Marylin Star had called the cops. Gilley was booked on domestic violence charges and released, but filed for divorce soon afterwards.

On June 11, 2002, Marylin Star pled guilty to the insider trading charges. Saying, "At the time I did these things I knew they were wrong," she was eventually sentenced to three months in prison. Meanwhile, McDermott also pled guilty to one charge of securities fraud and was sentenced to the five months in jail that he had already served.

Marylin Star began serving her sentence at the Women's Correctional Center in Danbury, Connecticut on December 2, 2002. Before she went away, she released one final statement to the media. She blamed her mistakes on youthful naivete, saying that she wouldn't make the same choices today. She also said that her status as a porn star contributed to what she felt was a harsh sentence. "I think that all of the publicity about my career definitely affected my sentencing. I was used as an example."

Still, Marylin Star found a way to look at the bright side, saying that she somewhat looked forward to her time in prison, claiming it would be one more "adventure" in a life that's been filled with just that. Whatever twists and turns her life may take from here, we wish the best of luck to this tart and tiny lightening rod for controversy.
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Blonde Bombers (2006) DVD $18.94 Blonde Bombers Box Art. Excalibur Films

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Bone Appetit (2005) DVD $12.94 Bone Appetit Box Art. Excalibur Films

Booty Duty 3 (1998) DVD $15.94 Booty Duty 3 Box Art. Excalibur Films   GLY  TRL

Cock Block (1999) DVD $7.94 Cock Block Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   RVW  TRL

Crack n' Throbbin' Titties n' Cream (1999) DVD $10.94 Crack n' Throbbin' Titties n' Cream Box Art. Excalibur Films

Just Great Sex 5 Pack (2010) DVD $22.94 Just Great Sex 5 Pack Box Art. Excalibur Films

Married Yes Dead No (1999) DVD $7.94 Married Yes Dead No Box Art. Excalibur Films   FREE   RVW  TRL

No Bone Zone (1998) DVD $8.94 No Bone Zone Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

Nothing to Hide 3 / Nothing to Hide 4 (2000) DVD $18.94 Nothing to Hide 3 / Nothing to Hide 4 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Penis Envy (1998) DVD $12.44 Penis Envy Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

Penis Envy 2 (1999) DVD $12.44 Penis Envy 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Penis Envy 2 Pack (1999) DVD $14.94 Penis Envy 2 Pack Box Art. Excalibur Films

Puritan Video Magazine 16 (2002) DVD $14.94 Puritan Video Magazine 16 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Screamin Down the AutoBlonde (2007) DVD $12.94 Screamin Down the AutoBlonde Box Art. Excalibur Films

Spear The Hairy Doughnut (2005) DVD $12.94 Spear The Hairy Doughnut Box Art. Excalibur Films

Strap-On Sally 11 (1998) DVD $14.94 Strap-On Sally 11 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Strap-On Sally 12 (1997) DVD $14.94 Strap-On Sally 12 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Strap-On Sally 12, 13 and 14 (2002) DVD $22.94 Strap-On Sally 12, 13 and 14 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Strap-On Sally 13 (1999) DVD $14.94 Strap-On Sally 13 Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

Stuck In The Middle (2004) DVD $12.94 Stuck In The Middle Box Art. Excalibur Films

Superstars of Porn 11 (2000) DVD $8.94 Superstars of Porn 11 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Threepeat (2008) DVD $18.94 Threepeat Box Art. Excalibur Films

Two Plus One Equals Fun (2007) DVD $12.94 Two Plus One Equals Fun Box Art. Excalibur Films

Violation of Marylin Star (1999) DVD $22.94 Violation of Marylin Star Box Art. Excalibur Films

Welcome to the Cathouse (2002) DVD $12.94 Welcome to the Cathouse Box Art. Excalibur Films

Excalibur Films
Marylin Star
Excalibur Films
Just Great Sex 5 Pack
Just Great...
Excalibur Films

April 12, 1969

Age: 49


Birth Location:


4 feet, 11 inches (150 cm)

110 lbs (50 kg)

Hair Color:



Known Alias:
Marilyn Starr, Marilyn Star

Excalibur Films
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