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Lolo Ferrari Porn Star

Porn Star Lolo Ferrari

Lolo Ferrari Slide Show
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Excalibur Films
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Porn Star Lolo Ferrari ranked as one of the top sex stars in Europe, a busty Amazon with a thick-set body that packed a powerplant of sexual energy. She was a bleached blonde who had undergone quite a bit of cosmetic surgery to attain her erotic sex bomb look. The result was a thick-lipped, almond-eyed, humongous-chested wonder of modern science who had become one of the world's most recognizable sex symbols.

Lolo Ferrari, who was born Eve Valois, was billed as "the woman with the biggest breasts in the world" and had a 71-inch silicone-enhanced bust. She is said to have underwent at least a score of operations to create her huge breasts.

One of the reasons she was striving to transform herself can be seen in this quote: "My mother told me I was ugly and stupid," she said to a reporter. "She said I was only good for emptying chamber pots. Actually, I'm like my mother. She thinks she's ugly too."

Lolo Ferrari hailed originally from France, and resided in beautiful Cannes. She was in numerous European softcore and hardcore porn movies, establishing a reputation as a woman so full of lust that she could take on a room full of partners and come out wanting more. Lolo Ferrari never made much of a splash Stateside, but there are plans to release more of her European flicks here within the next few months. Lolo Ferrari's exotic beauty and sultry sensuality made her a safe bet for American stardom, as her fans can tell you, so get ready for some of the hottest, most ribald sexing you've seen in a long time -- posthumously.

Lolo Ferrari (derived from 'les lolos' which is French slang for breasts) was a multi-talented woman with more assets than the obvious ones residing on her chest. Besides porn films, her bust led to her to numerous appearances on a late-night cult TV show on UK's Channel 4 called "Eurotrash" which was viewed throughout Europe. Lolo Ferrari also performed at many erotic nightclubs: She was an accomplished singer and nightclub performer who had also released a single entitled 'Air Bag Generation' in Europe.

In an effort to expand her business interests, Lolo Ferrari came out with a line of feminine garments - But was quickly sued by the Ferrari car company to stop her launching a line of "Ferrari Underwear."

On Sunday, March 5th, 2000, the porn world suffered a huge loss when Lolo Ferrari, the infamous French porn star, died at the age of 30.

Her body was found by her husband and manager, Eric Vigne, at their home in Grasse, located on the French Riviera.

Lolo Ferrari is believed to have suffered from chronic depression. Evidence has been put forward by her husband Vigne that Lolo Ferrari was so unhappy that she may have committed suicide.

Lolo Ferrari once said: "All this stuff," pointing to her breasts, "has been because I can't stand life. But it hasn't changed anything. There are moments when I disconnect totally from reality. Then I can do anything, absolutely anything. I swallow pills. I throw myself out of windows. Dying seems very easy then."

According to statements made by her husband, she had been planning her own funeral. Lolo Ferrari had just visited a funeral director undertaker prior to her death. She had picked out a white coffin and asked to be buried with her favorite fuzzy teddy bear. Of course, Vigne may be trying to hide something with these statements.

The coroner's autopsy results initially showed the cause of her death to be an overdose of "prescribed" anti-depressant drugs. But a new report by a team of three police scientists found that she died of suffocation. With these new results in hand, French authorities have focused their investigation on Ferrari's husband Eric Vigne. Vigne was placed under formal investigation - one step short of being charged - and charges are expected to be filed soon, a police spokesman said. He is being detained by French police until the investigation concludes.

Mr. Vigne has in the past vehemently denied any part in the death of his wife. He has forwarded the theory that Lolo Ferrari committed suicide, stating that she had made many such attempts before.

While Lolo Ferrari always wore a cheerful face during her appearances on TV and at clubs, she had often admitted to friends that her life was "hard" and that she even "wanted to die."

She told another interviewer: "I was frightened and I was ashamed; I wanted to change my face, my body, to transform myself. I wanted to die, really." And in reference to her numerous surgical procedures: "I adore being operated on. I feel wonderful in clinics. I love the feeling of a general anesthetic - falling into this black hole and knowing I'm being altered as I sleep."

The European tabloids inevitably focused on her obsession with cosmetic surgery. She recently told a French newspaper reporter: "I really hate reality. I want to be wholly artificial."

Psychiatrists have speculated that Lolo Ferrari may have suffered from a rare psychological disorder known as dysmorphophobia -- an irrational conviction that the body needs to be constantly altered. Her own statements lent credence to those medical opinions. She was once quoted as saying: "I've never felt comfortable with my body."

A noted French psychiatrist, Fran‡ois Chauchot, said: "If anyone suffers from this condition, no amount of operations is enough to put the body right. The more monstrous the body becomes, the more difficult it gets to put it back to normal."

Lolo Ferrari had been warned by her plastic surgeons that the muscles supporting her breasts would eventually collapse. Her body could not sustain such a continued stretching of both muscle and tissue caused by the 22 operations. She was no longer able to go jogging along the beaches of Cannes. She constantly wore a bra -- day and night -- and could only sleep on her side or back.

Lolo Ferrari insisted she was quite pleased with the many transformations that were made to her body. "Having a big bust comforts me," she once said. "It makes me more sure of myself. I'm like a transvestite - I've created a femininity that's completely artificial. But I'd like to have even bigger breasts. I can't because there are medical problems - you can't stretch the skin any more."

Strangely, Lolo Ferrari lived in constant fear and trepidation, as she mimed her songs and took off her clothes in club after club around Europe, revealing her body for all to see, that some crazed fan would jump up on the stage and try to puncture her breasts.

But, by far, her greatest fear was flying in airplanes. She was terrified about the possibility of the plane's cabin becoming depressurized. She thought that such a disaster would cause her breasts to literally explode. That nightmarish vision haunted her for years.

However, according to her lawyer, Serge Pautot, upon hearing of her untimely death, said Lolo Ferrari had shown no obvious signs of distress and, until recently, was still proudly displaying her assets. "She was a wonderful, simple girl," he said. "She had no shame about what she did."

The search for the cause of Lolo Ferrari's death continues. Her widowed husband sits behind bars waiting to be charged, and only time will tell where the police's case will lead. His lawyer fully expects Vigne to be exonerated, but French authorities seem confident in their case. A splashy trial lurks just around the corner for all involved.
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Big DD (2000) DVD $18.94 Big DD Box Art. Excalibur Films

Double Air Bags (2000) DVD $18.94 Double Air Bags Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

Lolo Ferrari Special Biggest Tits In The... DVD $18.94 Lolo Ferrari Special Biggest Tits In The World Box Art.

Mega Tits (2002) DVD $18.94 Mega Tits Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

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Excalibur Films
Lolo Ferrari
Excalibur Films
Lolo Ferrari Special Biggest Tits In The World
Lolo Ferrari...
Excalibur Films

March 4, 1962

Age: 56


Birth Location:


5 feet, 4 inches (163 cm)

123 lbs (56 kg)

Hair Color:


Known Alias:
Sandra, Lola Ferrari

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