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About ExcaliburFilms.com

Company Profile

Our Past:

Excalibur Entertainment, Inc (dba. Excalibur Films) was incorporated on December 8, 1983. Excalibur Films first opened its doors on May 24, 1984.

Our mission was to offer a broad spectrum of movies at the lowest possible prices, and delivered by the fastest means available. By 1992, we offered over 13,000 adult movies for sale.

We opened our online virtual doors (www.ExcaliburFilms.com) in 1994. What made us different then, as now, was that we knew we did not want to look like the rest of the cookie-cutter \web sites that made searching for information hard-to-impossible. We endeavored to hire dozens of fun and energetic programmers who could think outside of the box and began designing a web site that was truly customer friendly.

Because of our huge movie database we realized early on that we had to stress highly exacting search capabilities in addition to our brick and mortar attitude of customer satisfaction, guaranteed quality and everyday low prices. These values became the driving force behind our offering an innovative "Lowest Prices Guaranteed" promise.

Our Present:

While both our movie and customer database have grown considerably since those early days, we have still maintained our original commitment to customer satisfaction. We are one of the few Internet companies that are able to post the Safe Shopping logo - Only the best of the best can wear this badge of trust.

Along with our extensive catalog of movies, we offer a wide variety of timely news, in-depth entertainment articles, plus extensive biographies of adult movie stars; and, what has become one of our most popular features, our exclusive movie trailers.

Today, Excalibur Films has become the world's leading source for adult DVDs, Blu-ray discs, Video-On-Demand, Sex Toys, Aides, Gag Gifts, and Supplements. We're very proud of the millions of people worldwide who continue to make us their #1 source for all of their adult entertainment needs.

Highlights of Excalibur's Web Site Key Features

- Searching -- Customers can execute sophisticated searches based on numerous pre-selected criteria, including title, names of actor or director, genre, price range, and format; all incorporated into an easy-to-use layout intended to expedite the movie search and facilitate easy selection.

- Browsing -- We provide an extensive selection of DVD, Blu-ray, Video-On-Demand titles and Sex Toys that would be economically impractical to stock in a traditional physical store. The Excalibur web site provides us significant flexibility to organize and present our products. To encourage other selections, we feature nearly a thousand rotating promotions, while updating our on-line recommendations daily.

- Ordering -- We have designed our ordering system based on the e-mail feedback from both our customers and surfers. Now a customer simply clicks on the "buy" button to add movies to their virtual shopping carts, and can add and subtract selections while browsing throughout our web site prior to checkout. A customer also has the option of saving their selections to a "Wish List" for purchase at a later time.

Our Future:

Our objective is to maintain our key status as one of the leading on-line destinations for adult film-related content and novelty items, commerce and video-on-demand. Key elements of our strategy include:

Offer compelling value and enhancing the customer experience: We seek to increase loyalty by offering one of the largest selections of adult media available on-line. We also provide fast, accurate and reliable delivery and, to that end, have focused on adding innovative new technologies to our distribution center.

To eliminate the need to price-shop by our customers, we offer our Low Price Guarantee on most items. In addition, to maintain our compelling value, we have created a shopping-bot that does frequent comparison pricing of our competitors.

We are committed to making every aspect of searching, browsing and shopping on our Excalibur web sites an easy and pleasurable experience. We will continue to improve the design, layout and navigation of our web site, as well as to ensure that our site's page download times are fast, without sacrificing content quality.

We continually implement the newest technologies that will improve the speed of all of our search functions throughout our sites. In this same regard, we also strive to make the entire ordering and checkout process easy, intuitive, speedy and secure. In addition, we intend to continue to improve on our already excellent customer service information center which provides answers to questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Provide truly engaging adult content: We believe that continuing to develop compelling new video-on-demand adult films and exploring other new media that will meet your adult entertainment needs is critical to expanding our customer base in just the same manner as our maintaining a just-in-time supply of physical media and novelty items for our valued customers.

Whether you are a new or returning customer… we welcome your patronage and hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with Excalibur Films.

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